Important Reminder

In light of recent events, we would like to remind all adoption families to please take extra precautions to ensure their dog's safety when they go on vacation/away for work.

The dog should have the adoption family’s own dog tag and our rescue’s ID tag on the collar at all times. If the dog gets lost and found, people will call the number on the dog tag ID and since the adoption family is away our rescue can be notified to assist with the situation.

When handing over the dog to a friend, family, or dog sitter/boarding service, please emphasize the importance of checking fence security (even in a dog park) to eliminate the dog’s flight risk.  Fenced yards still need supervision. Please make sure all gates are fully closed first before releasing the dog.

Leash the dog before opening a door or have a containment barrier inside the door. Lock doors so people can't accidentally open a door before the dog is contained.

Please also explain any noise sensitivities the dog may have and ask the caretaker to watch out for signs of danger. For example on some holidays there may be firework celebrations, if the dog is sensitive to loud noises, walks should be minimized at night especially with poor visibility.

If walks are taken, the dog would unlikely be able to escape with a properly fitted collar and harness both hooked on a leash in good condition. Unfortunately accidents happen but our rescue hopes that each adoption family will take the time to communicate with the dog’s caretaker in regards to safety measures for the dog prior to departure.

Thank you.

Please Note

All of our adoptions require a home check from one of our volunteers.

Therefore we only adopt out to Greater Vancouver (lower mainland, fraser valley) and Vancouver Island.  Thank you.

Please read each dog's bio in its entirety to ensure your home meets the criteria for the dog BEFORE applying.


Foster Location: 
Currently Fostering in Taiwan. (Overseas adoption, will fly to new home once adopted)
Male (Neutered)
28.7lbs / 13kg
3-4 years old (As of April 2013)

Affectionate, playful, lively, likes to be around people, gets along with cats and kids, friendly to dogs he has met, cautious with unfamiliar dogs, guards his food against other dogs